Wahoo x Haute Route

Wahoo has partnered with Rock & Roll Running series and all Ironman Group events as the Global Technical Partner. As a hardware and software training brand for endurance athletes, we offer training devices, technology and resources to help you advance your fitness to the next level, whether that is your first half marathon or you're a season professional.


ELEMNT RIVAL sports watch offers a simple, seamless and intuitive training and racing experience for runners. Personalize your workout profiles and data sets in the ELEMNT Companion App to track your progress on every workout.


Wahoo heart rate monitors offer a comfortable and reliable way to track heart rate and calorie data. Easily pairs with your sport watch or 3rd party running apps via Bluetooth or ANT+ to keep a pulse on all your runs.


Build up your endurance on the bike with the KICKR complete indoor cycling ecosystem. Cycling offers a low impact way to build strength and endurance for runners.


Enter for a chance to win a grand prize: an ELEMNT RIVAL Multisport GPS watch. Runner-up prizes include TICKR FIT optical heart rate monitors. Contest ends July 7th at 11:59pm ET. Click here to view eligibility, terms and conditions.


Check out these resources and learn from the experts at Wahoo Sports Science how to get the most out of your gear and time spent training.

Ask the Experts: Marathon Training 101

Whether new to the sport, or a veteran, finishing a marathon is a bucket list item for many runners. Toeing the line for your first marathon is taking a large leap into the unknown. With many running race distances, you may not have the best preparation and can still walk away with a decent run. When it comes to the marathon, you cannot underestimate the race distance and the challenge that lies ahead. 


Running Form 101

Running. It used to be so easy. Plan the time and/or distance for your workout, put on your running gear, and go. During the run, you might have monitored pace, and perhaps heart rate, but that was it.


Do These Drills, Run Faster

The big question is: how do you get faster at running? The most obvious answer that may spring to mind would be: run more, but this isn’t always the best option. Running poses a larger degree of injury incidence since it has a high impact on your lower limbs. This injury risk is magnified even more if you are a newcomer to the sport.




Wahoo Xをご紹介します。これは一つのサブスクリプションサービスです。ライディング、トレーニング、レース、そしてwahooliganたちとつながる限りない方法を提供します。Wahoo Xを使用すると、1つのアカウントで2つの完全にユニークなインドアサイクリングアプリに簡単にアクセスできます。どのような乗り方やトレーニングを選択しても、すべてはWahoo Xの1つのサブスクリプションから始まります。




次世代型バーチャルサイクリングの決定版。世界中のサイクリストとつながり、ライド、レース、そしてWahoo RGTのリアルな世界を体験してください。

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