Wahoo has partnered with UTMB and all Ironman Group series events as the Global Technical Partner. As a hardware and software training brand for endurance athletes, we offer training devices, technology and resources to help you get your performance to the next level. Our products, workouts and training plans, and educational content are all backed by the Wahoo Sports Science team, made up of world-class coaches.

Jim Walmsley - Western States 100 Champion


ELEMNT RIVAL sports watch offers a simple, seamless and intuitive training and racing experience for runners. Personalize your workout profiles and data sets in the ELEMNT Companion App to focus in on the metrics that matter most to you.


Wahoo heart rate monitors offer a comfortable and reliable way to track heart rate and calorie data. Easily pairs with your sport watch or 3rd party running apps via Bluetooth or ANT+ to keep a pulse on all your workouts.


Take your endurance training to the bike with the KICKR complete indoor cycling ecosystem. Cycling offers a low impact way to build strength and endurance for runners.

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これらのリソースでは、クリートを正しく取り付けたり、フロートを調整する方法など、SPEEDPLAY Advanced Pedal Systemを最大限に活用する方法をご紹介しています。是非ご参照ください。

Ask the Expert: What is Running Dynamics

What does the perfect running form look like? The short answer is: it depends. All runners are not built the same. You will not look like or run like every training partner you have, or every individual you line up on the start line against, and you shouldn’t! We are all built differently.



Perhaps you’ve gotten away without strength training when you were younger, but as you got older you started to notice a few more creaks and cracks in your joints following a tough session. Whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, our aging body’s ability to handle the same training loads as it did when we were 21 is not the same.


Regaining Fitness and Motivation After Injury

As much as we try to avoid it, injury at times is a part of the sport. There are the lucky few who can go throughout their careers relatively unscathed, while others seem to come upon a hurdle to clear more often than not. Whether it is your first injury or your 50th, the sting that comes with realizing you have to take a break never seems to lessen. Learning how to best approach a comeback that works for you is one of the most vital skills an athlete can have. 



Wahoo Xをご紹介します。これは一つのサブスクリプションサービスです。ライディング、トレーニング、レース、そしてwahooliganたちとつながる限りない方法を提供します。Wahoo Xを使用すると、1つのアカウントで2つの完全にユニークなインドアサイクリングアプリに簡単にアクセスできます。どのような乗り方やトレーニングを選択しても、すべてはWahoo Xの1つのサブスクリプションから始まります。




次世代型バーチャルサイクリングの決定版。世界中のサイクリストとつながり、ライド、レース、そしてWahoo RGTのリアルな世界を体験してください。

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